The Ultimate WordPress Email Logging Solution

Add a Sent Mail folder to your WordPress site. See what emails get sent and when they get sent. Or block WordPress from sending emails in your testing environment, but still capture them for testing.
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WP Sent Mail Features

A full featured email logging solution.

Full Email Preview

View emails exactly as they were sent to customers. A perfect way to debug email templates.

Re-Send Emails

Customer didn’t receive their receipt? Re-send an exact copy with one click!

View Attachments

WP Sent Mail saves an exact copy of outgoing emails, including attachments.

Airplane Mode

Working on a dev site? Airplane Mode logs outgoing emails but disables sending.

Open Tracking

WP Sent Mail can automatically track email opens by inserting an invisible tracking pixel.

Admin Widget

We recently added an admin widget! Get a quick overview of the most recent 10 emails that have been sent & logged with WP Sent Mail.

What People Are Saying

Some kind words from a few of our customers.

WP Sent Mail is a must-have-plugin for all sites I build.

Ben Anderson, WP Sent Mail User

WPSentMail Pricing

Get an accurate look at the emails WordPress is sending!

Single Site
$39 per year

1 Site License

1 Year of Updates

1 Year of Support

7 day free trial

Small Business
$129 per year

Up to 5 Site License

1 Year of Updates

1 Year of Support

7 day free trial

$199 per year

Up to 99 Site License

1 Year of Updates

1 Year of Support

7 day free trial

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions… we’ve got at least some answers.

How many emails can I log? Do you automatically delete old emails?

WP Sent Mail can log as many emails as you want. It defaults to 1,000 emails, but you can specify a preferred number or set it to unlimited. Older emails are automatically purged to stay within the limit you set.

I use Mailgun, Mandrill, or a similar email delivery plugin. Will it work with WP Sent Mail?

Absolutely! We’ve tested support for both Mailgun and Mandrill. Any email delivery plugin that supports the wp_mail filter should work out of the box.

Can I track email opens?

WP Sent Mail can add a tracking pixel to outgoing emails, allowing you to determine if an email has been opened by a customer. As with any email tracking pixel, the results will never be 100% but it’s especially useful when a customer claims to have not received an email!

What about Airplane Mode?

We’ve built Airplane Mode to be as robust as possible. In the unlikely event your email delivery plugin prevents our Airplane Mode functionality from working (and we haven’t specifically built a compatibility layer) we will warn you!

See the Emails Your WordPress Website is Sending

Whether you’re a developer, a store owner, or a blogger, if your WordPress site is sending emails… you need WP Sent Mail.