The WP Sent Mail settings page is accessible by going to WP Sent Mail -> Settings. It looks something like this:

WPSent Mail Settings Page
WPSent Mail Settings Page

Enable Logging

This box turns on email logging and is checked by default.

Airplane Mode

Enabling this silently prevents emails from being sent, but logs the.  Great for dev sites!

Note: Airplane Mode can also be enabled by adding the following to your config file. This is especially helpful for local sites if you’re pulling a database frequently from production to your local site.

// WP Sent Mail - Airplane Mode
define( 'WPSM_AIRPLANE_MODE', true );

Track Opens

New in 2.1.0, emails that have been opened are colored green. You can also see the number of times an email has been opened!

Max Log Size

This is the maximum number of emails you’d like in your log at any given time.  This is handled by a cleanup cron job that runs twice a day.


Filters allow you to limit the emails that are logged, by providing criteria for certain fields. The filterable fields are:

You can provide more than one filter for a given field.  Values surrounded in asterisks (*) are treated as a wildcard.  Otherwise, the value is treated as an exact match.